Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Big Stitch

Last Saturday was Yorkshire Day, and The Big Stitch, so lots to celebrate. It was lovely to meet people and have a chat. I would loved to have met more people, but that is so me..., some is good, so more must be better! I do realise it is no always true, but in a craft shop, you can bet you life it is.

These are now printed onto fabric. I put the paper cut out dolls onto a sheet of text so that when I use a sheet of the fabric the excess can be used for some thing else..., I hate waste
After the dolls were printed onto fabric, I attached then to heavy calico using Bondawebb.

This was then stitched to another piece of calico for the back of the doll. Then I stitched all the way around the doll.

Made an incision in the tummy area, so I can stuff the doll, this will be covered with a pocket later.
Repeat the process with all the dolls.

Stuffing! I added lavender too!
Pocket is hand stitched in place.
Just need to embellish now. I think I feel Fabric doodle dolls, Christmas ornaments of family members coming on!!!!! Watch out kids!!!!
Another good day at the car boot.
Love the school photos,
Had to get then onto the photocopier and enlarged.
Colour it in, and get it onto fabric, one day!

See you next time. x

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