Thursday, 13 August 2015

Flap book

Just a nice little book to make in an afternoon or evening,
Two flap books here.
Each book substrate consist of two 12 x 12 sheets of decorative paper.
You will need more paper for the matting and layering up process.
Great for photos, or for sending money as a gift.
complete with pockets
And flaps.

Decorate as much,
or as little as you like.
Same book,
Different paper

I am going to make this book in fabric next, that should be fun.
And now for a different kind of journal
This is the cover off a bought book. I have removed it from it's pages for the paint covering process.
Using Dyalusions paints.....,love them.
Just covered the card board cover with blocks of colour.
Sorry I have lost some photos here, but what I did was to create a heart shaped template out of card. Place it on the book cove at various point and cover the rest of the page in black. 
I have stenciled onto the colour ed blocks in contrasting paint. I have also stenciled with white onto the black
until we meet again. xxxx

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