Thursday, 10 September 2015

So Sorry.....

....I just don't know where the weeks go. I am not in a very good routine at the moment but that will change with the start of Uni so things will settle down and blog post will get more regular....., I promise.
It has started..., Christmas stock arriving at the ARTefactory.
And it is gorgeous.

My helper, Hector who loves boxes.
Omega group are starting their Christmas match box shadow frame.
Here is one I made a few years ago.

Lets make some new ones...........these are all bought from a car boot sale for 50 pence each.
Now we need to take them to bits. Now don't be shy, but do be careful.

Paint them, cover in collage..., it is up to you.

I  removed the pebble from the backing paper. You will be pleased to know that this was a painless procedure, and the pebble was released back into the wild at the end of my garden with lots of other pebbles. Reports are that he is doing well and has made lots of new friend and appears to be recovering after years of isolation.
Back panel covered in Christmas paper
Just two boxes in this frame me thinks

see you soon, xxxxxx

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