Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Getting back to normal, whatever normal is!

Hello you gorgeous people, how has the first week of 2013 been for you? Excellent I hope. The year started with great excitement for me as I started Life Book 2013. I can not tell you enough how much I love everything about this course...., I am having so much fun and it's only the ninth of January! I will be showing you what I have done on Life Book in a moment, but first I wish to share with you work I have done on one of Tamara's other classes, Wonderful World of Whimseys Two. Truth be told I haven't finished it to my satisfaction yet, I still need to do, a cat girl, pig, rabbit and an elephant. All of which I hope to do this week, now I have got the dreaded accounts done and out of the way. Clever me!.

No.1 Not that pleased with this, but it's a start.
No.2 Better. I think they would look better if I finished them!
No.3 Much better.
No.6 Draw a boy.
No.7 Last to date.
Great fun to do and I learned allot. OK, now onto Life Book 2013. First we did a warm up, and painted our Fairy Art mother. She is here to provide artist comfort in the year ahead.

My Fairy Art Mummy!
I love my Art Mummy so much, I had to make her into a Doll.
I can cuddle this one.
Then we were asked to create a picture about our journey into 2013.
This is Little Jo, so excited about the journey ahead.
Next was Mondays lesson about True intentions, here is my offering,
I can honestly state that I intend to do lots more art this year!
That is your lot for this week, I recommend you check out Tam's site. Hugs and Kisses, Jo xxxx

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