Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I am sort of back....!

Wow the past two weeks have been an experience that is for sure. Two unbelievable colds, resulting in an abscess in my mouth, I thought my face was going to explode. Anyway I will not go into any more gory  details, but I must say a huge thank you for all the kind words and well wishes, it really made a difference to me. You are such a lovely crowd. x.  I am a little behind on life book but I am not worried, will soon catch up on that, at the weekend I think.

On the second week of feeling like death warmed up I needed a distraction from the pain in my face, but couldn't settle to paint so I started stitching theses little panels.

Little panels
 This is a technique taught by Teesha Moore, check her out on u tube, she is a very talented lady. These pillows are very easy to make and embellish, with buttons and beads, then you join them all together to create a journal cover and other things. Excellent occupational therapy. The first few I did following Teesha instructions then I changed things a little for my own way of doing things.

The way I make the panels is to cut two piece of contrasting fabric to the sizes you require, remembering a small seem allowance  then add wadding in the middle, smaller than the fabric. The right side of the fabrics should be visible. Machine embroider a pattern working from the middle of the fabric outwards.  Fold over the edges which ever way you require then over sew to seal the panels. Then embellish to your hearts content.  So far I have made my panels into journals, but I feels a bag is on it's way! I am going to have to  leave it here for today,

This was the first journal cover.
This is the second, with a small hole which I intend to place netting.
Third, not made into a journal yet.
Forth, stitched, but now needs embellishing.
....and Queeny, couldn't resist.

love and best wishes to you all, xxx

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  1. So glad you are finally on the mend Jo and able to use some creativity whilst unwell. xoxo