Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The First of January 2013

Happy New Year # Happy New Year #

I hope everyone had a splendid evening and you are not feeling too worse for wear today. As of Noon today I will be starting Tamara Laporte's Life Book 2013 and I am so excited! As a limber up to this class I have just completed Tam's Fabulous Faces class on line and I had the best of times. Not every picture I did came out as I would have liked, but I believe it is important to enjoy and celebrate the journey  not run to the finish line. Therefore these first drawings are just stepping stones on what I hope will be a very long trip.

First picture.
Number two.
Last, but not least number six.
I am now in the process of binding these pictures in a book, hence the strips at the left hand side with the holes in it. This was a six week course which I did in two full days, so I may not have given it the attention it deserved  but I just had to get on with it and get it done! For more information on Tamara's classes there is a link button at the top of this blog, willowing.org.....

Next I will be doing Tam's on line Class of Wonderful Whimsy 's Two, and as ever I will show you the results.

I will be reverting back to blogging once per week now on a Wednesday, so the next post will be,on the ninth of January. Have a great week you lovely people.

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