Thursday, 7 February 2013

A face a day.......,

....... for the rest of the year, can I do it? Well we shall find out.

Hello you wonderful people, sorry I am a day late, but life, work, children insist on getting in the way of art! After doing the art classes with Tam and various other things I am doing, I need to practice my drawing, painting and shading of faces, so I have set myself a challenge of painting a face every day for the rest of this year!!!! I hope to use these small pieces of art as a spring board for larger canvases, which I hope to decorate my new studio with for the opening this September. More on that later! So lets see the faces.

1st of February

Other things I have been doing this week, quite a bit of Journaling.

For the style of journal check out Teesha Moores 16 page journal on u tube. Mine is same lay out but smaller.

This is a new journal I have just sprayed with Dylusions new colours which are fabulous. The depth and intensity is wonderful. This book is hinged on both side with signatures stitched on both sides so you can "lace" the pages, as it were. I will show you more when I journal the pages as it will be easier for you to see.

And of course I am doing Life Book 2013 which is just the best! I am so enjoying this.

Drawing a full body and stenciling a background. Whilst creating this piece I blotted the work with paper which produces wonderful pieces for yet more journaling.

Please check out 21 Secret button at top of this posting if you are interested in journaling course which starts in April. Love to you all, xxxx

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