Thursday, 21 February 2013

Late Again!!!

Oh well, there you have it folks. There are just not enough hours in the day for me at present. Actually that is a lie, there are too many hours in the day at the moment, and I am wondering around huffing and puffing and unable to settle at anything. Also this week is half term so I am knee deep in children. I am still drawing faces with gay abandon and enjoying it. Life book is another week older with a fabulous lesson with Jane Davenport which I just haven't done yet as I  am not in the mood, and I don't think you should do these things if you are not ready to do them, you wont give it your best.

This is Daisy, not finished!
Lots of changes going on for me at the present This year is going to be very exciting to say the least, but with that excitement comes fear and I think that has just unsettled me a little.  That coupled with a few pieces of bad news and I have been knocked off kilter, but It's OK, I will work though these feelings and come out of them so much stronger.

Another thing that's got me flustered, is I have started to design my Webb Site, well I must be really thick, they said this site is  "easy this" and "easy that", it absolute gibberish, I shall have to get technical support onto it, seventeen year old son, he speaks fluent gibberish.

I was teaching at the weekend, group of wonderful women, doodling in their journals,

What a talented group they are, I love them, and Chris is leaving and I am sad.

My unfinished (!) page for the Artefact book swap. My book is Suffragettes, this is a cover of the W.S.P.U, The Woman's Social and Political Union edited by C. Pankhurst. I will finish it tomorrow. I Will!

OK Sneaky Peeky Time

Plasterboard and insulation arrive for my home teaching studio.
Never thought I could get so excited about plaster board, but I am. Waited in all day for this to arrive, I will not name and same, but why are they never on time? Waiting is not one of my favorite occupations, probably whats got me all up set!!! Pathetic I know. I will go and cuddle my Gelly cats and Fairy Art Mummy.


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