Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What is going on?

No sooner do I get over one cold then another one comes along and thumps me between the eyes. I have a feeling it was the same cold, lulls you into a false sense of security that it is going, then comes back and gets for a second time! Anyway I am fighting back.

Life book this week had a fabulous interview with Julie Balzer, which was great. No set piece of work to create so I took it upon myself to create a Love Bunny picture.  When I was feeling dreadful on Sunday I sat on the sofa with my bunny and my two jelly cats, which when feeling out of sorts I like to cuddle. Andrew was busy creating my new studio, so I couldn't cuddle him. My son was out and Maisie doesn't cuddle at the moment, fifteen.  The fire was roaring and I was watching Harry Potter on the TV.  My Fifteen year old daughter was really quite mean that I was sat cuddling my soft toys! Well I am very sorry but seven or forty seven cuddling is good for you. I truly believe the world would be a better place if we could cuddle each other more and have the courage to say we need to feel, and give love. So get out there folks and cuddle someone you love today. And if you can't find someone, get a soft bunny, cat dog or whatever and make you feel  better.  And as for Maisie, I happen to know that she has a soft fluffy dog with a hot water bottle in his tummy! Anyway the bunny painting is in recognition of my bunny and I will do a painting of my Jelly cats soon.

So cute.
I love Jelly cats
Bunny Love, not finished yet.
I have also join a class my the wonderful Jane Davenport, please check out her work, this is my first lesson, a page of faces.

This is the second lesson, paint circle which I will have to turn into faces.

Other pictures I have been doing this week are,

Adding Paint
No name as yet.
but added some paint.
I have done my face a day book, but they are not painted yet so I will save them until next week.

Just a date for your diary, Friday  27th September, 2013, "Come for Coffee", it's for Macmillan. Not only will there be coffee and cakes for sale to raise funds for the fabulous Macmillan Nurses but both the studios will be open for you to look around and displays on some of my classes  will be available for you to look at and book if you wish too. Ten percent of all bookings taken that day will also go to Macmillan Nurses. There will also be opportunity to purchase original art from me and maybe others, will have to see, it is early days. I may hold this event over two days, but not sure yet, but  Friday is a dead cert, doors open 10 am until 4 pm. I hope to see you.

OK my wonderfuls, here is a big cuddle for you and extra snuggles for Valentines day. xxxxxx

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