Sunday, 3 November 2013

I am back and the laptop is much better!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have been beset with difficulties. Building work at the studio, so much dust! Problems with work, I got a cold..., poor me, and to cap it all the laptop got a virus. It felt like everything was conspiring against me!!!!!! Well thankfully things are on the mend.
I must take this opportunity to thank my gorgeous boy for sorting out the laptop for me, he is such a star and I am so very proud of him.
Thank you Corrin. xxxx
Other news we have just celebrated Halloween and Andrew put on yet another fabulous display. It takes him all day to set the out door thing up then it is operational for about an three hours then everything has to be dismantlement! I think he is crazy, but that's why I love him.

That's not Andrew but Boris.
Maisie and friends went trick or treating as creatures from Minecraft! Whatever that is!
Well done to Maisie as she paint all four of those heads, took her hour. I do hope her friends appreciated her hard work.

You may or may not know but a group I was associated with, The Crafty Dolly Birds has disbanded, but like the phoenix from the ashes a new group has emerged. Still very crafty but more mixed media now, with arty fingers in  a lot more pies. The group is called Ephemera etc..... We meet at my studio once a month and play with stufffff! I believe i speak for the group when I say we have the best of times. 

Here is the Ephemerist making journals using pamphlet stitch.
Next month we are making Star Books.
We have had just two meetings to date and on the first meeting a challenge was set to create a lunch box in keeping with my house!

Come and visit the Ephemera etc blog at the address below

Here is what I created,
Car boot find, for £1, old battered case.
Remade the corner with fabric and gel medium.
Polished and decorated the exterior.
Made tray for the interior.
Lunch time requisites, gin bottle, folding cup, aspirin tin, knife rest, candle stick, knife and fork...and of course a napkin ring.
Lower tray,sandwich box, plate and napkin, cork screw salt and paper!
Complete with a book of Wordsworth.
Last week I had an impromptu couple of days off from my work a day job. So I took this opportunity to clean up my work room up stairs. Not finished as Andrew kindly built me some more shelves which I need to paint.
Only a small room but stuffed to the gunnels!
Many a happy hour spent in this window.
New book case, Thank you Andrew. x
I am NOT a hoarder.
OK I am off to do boring paper work, cuddle me!

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