Sunday, 10 November 2013

I love Poppies

Three large Poppies bedeck the front door in respectful remembrance of those who gave and give so much.

I am afraid I haven't got an awful lot to tell you about this session as I have not been doing much crafting, but rather cleaning and decorating. Sorting out my work rooms upstairs that had become no mans land, couldn't even get though the doors! Anyway tidied them up and gave them a lick of paint ready for Christmas, only 46 days to go!

This used to be Maisie's bedroom, she moved out, into a bigger room, and I moved in!
This was the children computer room, they all have lap tops now, I moved in!
There is actually a fire place in here, sooo cozy. 
The shelves Andrew made me last week, got them painted., a nice bright and airy black gloss!
Playing with paper and card,

making star books.

Ephemera group, you will need quite a bit of double-sided sticky tape next session, would you like me to get you some as this stuff is great and only £2.00 for a large roll? Just let me know and I will get some in.

Judith have you got in touch with Helen regarding the pots? I have Helen number if you need it.

There will be more items creeping onto the Ephemera etc.... blog page as times goes by, do call in and have a look.

See you all later.

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  1. Thanks Jo,,so organized now, daren`t show Bill he thinks my spread is bad enough! and no to the question about Helen but thanks I do have her number. Double sided tape would be good as mine is down quite a bit. looking forward to weekend and star making. See you all then Judith x