Friday, 29 November 2013

The Twenty Four Tags Of Christmas, book pages.

 OK folks so lets start those pages to house our twenty four tags.

Twelve double pages
I am mainly using this pad of  Christmas twelve by twelves from Hobby Craft.
And , My Minds Eye
This is the only page that had a white back , ...
so added some polka dots from a different set.
And add some stitch detail
Next I am adding some decorative detail and numbers

Bands of contrasting paper. The Hobby Craft book has a sheet of ribbons of paper to match the big sheets, very useful.
An old manila file and a tag punch.
Stamped the tags with numbers and blacked the edges. Use a tiny hole punch then added the tags to the page with a tiny brad.
Back to the sewing machine to stitch up the front flap to create the pocket.
Like this, please note they still open, don't stitch the page together!
On my book I wish to use the secret pocket this method creates to house instructions for each of the tags I make. Do not stick it down now. This will be one of the last things I do.
On each end of all twelve hidden hinge spines cut off the tops at an angle.
Add double sided tape to both sides of the spines on your hidden hinge.
Then you can add your pages. Only do this if you have finished decorating the pockets. I haven't decorated them too much as I don't want them to distract from the tags the pockets will house. This part of the construction is tricky, but be patient, it is worth it. I will show you mine when I have done it, but as I said I wish to spray it black and the paint is in the studio and the scullery floor has just been concreted, and I am not allowed in there for 2 or 3 days, so it will have to wait.
That's it for today, see you on Sunday with Tag Number One.

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