Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Twenty Four Days of Christmas........On the first day of Christmas,......., well tag Number 1.

For the first tag I wanted to go as big as I could get away with, also I choose to have a wish list on the back just in case Santa had a look at it.
Front of tag
Back of tag with ribbon to thread threw hole of tag
What I used to create this tag

1. Card board from packaging
2. Background paper, (My Minds eye, Boy)
3. Christmas vintage paper, ( Hobby Craft)
4. Vintage image, ( Online freebie)
5. Glue stick
6. Rolling ball glue pen
7. Glitter, (Martha Stewart, fine
8. Tiny amount of black card
9. Computer and Printer, this is NOT essential, you could hand write the the wish list.
10. Black ink
11. Hole punch
12. Ribbon, (Three Kings)

What I did to create this tag

1. Measured my pockets and went for the biggest that would fit said pocket.
2. Made a template of a tag out of cereal box card
3. Cut out another card board tag, this time to work on.
4. Gathered some papers and images together and played round with them to find a pleasing combination.
5. Glued down the spotty paper over all of the tag.
6. Ripped up vintage newspaper to add to the right hand side.
7. Added the vintage child image on the top.
8. Cut out some words from the vintage newspaper
9. Mounted them on black card.
10. Glued them to tag.
11 Added Red and white glitter to various part of the child's picture.
12.Wrote the Christmas list on the computer and printed it out.
13 Stained this with tea.
14.Cut this to fit the back of the tag.
15. Added the ribbon, which had been tea stained.
16. Blacked the edges of the tag.

See you tomorrow. x

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