Wednesday, 4 December 2013

No gold rings here I'm afraid, just a large ticket tag!

Playing around with ticket shapes
Made some shape I liked and made templates out of cereal card
Decorating the back of the ticket with a masking technique, so it looks like the tree are behind the main part of the ticket.
Selecting a vintage image for the front of the ticket
Cut out the ticket in card then covered it on both side with red paper. Black the edges and rubber stamp to decorate
You could punch a hole and add a ribbon, but I didn't want to
Back of the ticket. You could put any text you like here, party invitation, gift-card, Christmas card . If your hand writing puts you off from doing this, print it off on the computer or use rubber stamps
You may remember me saying in previous blogs and makes, that I like to make a sketch book whenever I am creating. These are very useful to me as a teaching aid and to jog my memory as to what I did, because you do forget.
This book is in it's infancy as I haven't had time to play with it yet,..., just the basics stored,
Examples of papers used for the book
Day one, I always like to keep an extra copy of any images I have used. Therefore if I need to make a copy it's there
Rubber stamps used and what company they are from
Technique and templates

That is it for today, and I will not be coming out to play until Monday and that will most likely be late, so until then, have fun. xxxx

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