Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day Four my sweet dumplings!

Today we are going to experiment with an idea. I wanted to create a tag with a much different shape.
I had this little sentiment, which I drew around and then enlarged on the photocopier.
I will be using the two on the left.
Once I had got the size and shape I wanted I glued it to cereal card to form a template, this I did for both sizes.
Lovely Christmas vintage photograph of two children which I then photocopied.
With the large tag template I drew around and cut out decorative paper. With the smaller tag drew around and cut out the picture.
Added a band of paper for a little contrast.
And mounted the picture on top.
Add a hole and a ribbon.
OK back to the book to house all these tags in. As you can see I have sprayed the spine black, not totally covered it as that is not require, just enough to hid the blue.

Add doubled sided sticky tape to BOTH sides of each spine
A nice cup of tea always helps.
Keep adding your pages, do make sure they are in order, if you have already numbered them.
Keep going
Cover the back of the spine with double sided tape.
And add to the book. I will be decorating the otter spine and cover eventually.
See you all tomorrow. xxx

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