Monday, 2 December 2013

A very festive welcome to day two.

I was feeling so very grateful for being here yet another December that we had to have a festive Sunday dinner, with crackers, roaring fire, twinkly lights and the like. It was great fun.
Complete with a bag of kindling! 
I love this time of year, we had one extra for dinner tonight, as Corrin's young lady joined us,welcome Becky.
OK lets get down to the business of The Twenty Four Tags of Christmas. I was busy making curtains to cover up my unsightly washing machine in the new scullery, and I was rather enjoying working with the Calico, as that was the fabric I had chosen for the job. So I thought lets have a tag made out of fabric, a heavy calico at that.

What I Used To Make My Tag.
(please remember you can use what you like to make your tag, these are just ideas)

1. Small amount of calico.
2. Small amount of stiffener.
3. Paper.
4. Card.
5. Rubber stamps, (Tim Holtzs)
6. Black ink pad, (Stayson)
7. Various scraps of Christmas ribbon.
8. Hole punch, (Cropadile) or awl.
9. Beads.
10. Button.
11. And all the usual, pens, rulers, scissors, irons and sewing machines
Decide on the size of fabric tag you wish to make. Mine is, 10 cm x 21 cm.
Use some old cereal box card to make yourself a template, plus one, 1 cm smaller all the way around. Cut two tags from your fabric. (The larger template)
I choose to stain my fabric with tea

Just one hour emerged in the tea, get the calico to a great grungy colour. Iron them dry and stamp with whatever images you like
Using the smaller template, cut out two more tags from the stiffening. 
Stitch one stiffener tag to the back of the front tag and the other to the back of the back tag!!!
Add decorative stitching and  festive ribbons, buttons and beads.
Stitch both tags together. Use a hole punch and add a ribbon.

I have been into the studio and sprayed the spine black, so in time I will add the pages.

That is it for today, join me tomorrow. x

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