Thursday, 30 January 2014

I love playing with dolls.

Of all shapes and sizes, not to mention materials. Recently I have been playing with paper dolls and I and am hooked again..., such a compulsive personality.

These one were downloaded and then I glued them to black card for strength.
Limbs a plenty.
I also wish to make various paper dolls from my muse, Eunice Zilmer.

I photocopied the original, then enlarged her.
Cut out body parts. You need three pictures the same to create a doll with limbs.
Just need to add paper fasteners or rivets.

And wings of course.
Also been painting. I want to design my Halloween and Christmas cards for this year, and I want to get on with it.

And Christmas..

Sketch done in little book I carry around with me for when I get inspired.
Transferred onto a bigger page
Starting to paint

Also this week Maisie turned sixteen, who would believe that?

Sweet girl. x

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