Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What Inspires You?

Due to some technical problems I can not show you the items I had in tended, normal service will be resumed soon! So I thought we would have a chat about this instead. Please don't worry about the site, my in-house computer whizkid has promised to sort it all out for me.

This is a question I was repeatedly asked by a group of students recently. What inspires me to create art? Most things I think! I do tend to take inspiration from allot of things, the weather, patterns in the street and in architecture.  Costumes, old and new, I think that is why I don't specialize and rather dip my toe in so many craft ideas. I suppose the main inspiration to me is History. I love history and old things. As you know I can not keep away from Antique's fairs and carboot sales, then there are the charity shops! Most of my work I age, by one process or another, I just prefer it like that.
Not only do these things inspire me, but they make me happy too, which brings me to the face book group activity that I am taking part in, "My 100 days of Happy". Post a picture every day of things that make you happy. These do not have to be expensive or out of the world things, they are the things that make you smile everyday. When you go around looking for these things you do realize what a blessed life you lead. Yes there are things that test your resolve and sometime try your patience to the extreme but life is good. Smile!

I love Victorian sentimental paintings. For me it is the colours they use,.....wonderful!
If a little over the top!
Two for one here with the Light Of The World in the back ground!
And the faces are so sweet.
the velvet on this gown is stunning.
Statues, Don't blink!

Then there are shelves of inspiration and indeed item to add to work

I love green and purple sheep!
and stuff!
And books, how much more inspiration do you need?

Up and coming classes at ARTefact,

Backgrounds for Journals, April 23rd.

Altered Books, Getting Started, April 28th

Altered Child's Board Books, April 30th.

Paper Dolls, May 5th.

I will show examples of these on the next blog. x

email me if you would like more details,

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