Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Next Month I Will Be Starting Life Book 2013......

....., and I am so excited  I could wet myself, or is that three children and a bad cold?  What is Life Book, I hear you shout? Life Book was and is created by the fabulously talented Tamara Laporte, there is a button on my blog, go peeps find out more! Anyway, to try to stop myself exploding with anticipation, and talking incessantly about it which causes my children's eyes to roll back in their heads, which can not be good for them, I thought I would go and play with Life Book 2012 as I now have access to it. Oh joy and rapture unforeseen, What glorious fun, half way through January, just need to finish the text, and compiling arty stuff for February. But wanted to share with you, because I love you and art makes the world such a better place.

I will post again when I have finished. I itching to black the edges, but must finish the text first. There are things I would do differently now, but that's called learning. I am going to leave her alone and embrace the journey.
See you tomorrow for Christmas book.

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