Saturday, 1 December 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas.......

........, my journal page looks like this,

On the left hand side we have two upside down tags, which lift up,

thus!  (Look at that tree, just waiting to be dressed!)
The tags are glued to an inexpensive greetings card, which is in turn glued to the book page, with a sheet of black card over the top. On the back of the tags are lists for sending out Christmas cards. There is a big space there just ripe for filling with Christmas images of your own. Be they old greetings cards, gift wrap or maybe your own art work. You could also staple in additional card list year after year, what fun. The right hand side is covered in decorative paper. I think it is from Dover Craft, not sure, but I will try to find out. I made a pocket out of yet more paper and stitched paper ribbon on to the opening area. I also punched out a tree, glued this to black card and stitch that to the pocket before gluing it all together and adding a tag, which seems to be missing on this picture, must check the floor! The Noel is out of a kit of some kind from the distant past. Please note here that the items I use to make this book span a collection of art material of over twenty years, so some you will not find again. However your book isn't a copy of mine, it's just here to give you ideas for layouts and construction. Also if you are new to the paper craft world, and have not built up a stash yet, Christmas is a good time to start. One, you can ask for nice paper kits from Father Christmas, Two, friends and family can be issued a wish list, and three, there is the wrapping paper, greetings cards, gift tags on yours and other peoples gift that are yours to recycle! Yippeee, what joy and your are saving the world. See art is good for everyone, including mother earth!

Found the tag.
This tag with eleven of it's friends of four designs was found in one of those clearance book shops, and don't we just love those places? Priced at twelve for fifty pence. I would show you the other designs, but it's four in the morning and I dare not go look in the work room for fear of waking grumpy teenager. I know your thoughts are with me on that one. The one pictured here is just as it was bought, but you could black the edges, or crumple it up, flatten then add either black or brown ink, just to aged them a tad. When it comes to ink, I generally use, Ranger Distress inks, but not exclusively.

OK, that is it for day two, please feel free to comment and chat, love to hear from you, Until the we meet again. x

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