Saturday, 15 December 2012

On The Fifteenth Day of Christmas

Is yet another full page pocket, Sorry if you think there are a lot of these but they are so useful when you collect quantity of effemira! Or rubbish as others may have it. It may look like rubbish to some, but give it ten or fifteen years and the same people go through the the book, and you will be able to hear the sequels of delight and see the smiles on their faces when they see things they recognized but had forgotten. This then leads on to memories and associations and a whole evening is lost in joyful reminiscing  My children aren't that old, Alice 21, Corrin ( a boy ) 17 and Maisie 14, yet they love pulling out the books I have created for them over the years, of all types of celebrations. I make a Christmas Album every year, not as big as this book we are doing, but big enough. Mainly photographs with notes and Christmas list, cards they have made me and the like, they love them, and it becomes part of the traditions to see what they were doing or looked like last year or ten years ago.
My lovely Mummy used to come to my house at least one day every week, for years, and we would have lots of fun and giggle all day. She would bring the children sweets and read to them. As the children got older, they would read to her, Grandmama things. We would all have dinner together, around a table no less, and generally have a great time.When I realized she was not well, I made a conscious effort to taking a lot more photograph of her with my babies and I am so pleased I did. Not only are these picture a big comfort to me, but my children love them too. Maisie was only seven years old when Barbara started to disapear under the shroud of Alzheimer's  and if it wasn't for those pictures she wouldn't know what her real Grandmama was like. Anyway that's you lot told why I am having lots of full page pockets, in my book, you however can have as many, or as few as you wish. x

Love the back ground paper.

The right hand side back ground paper, and little quote are from an Anna Griffins kit I believe. Some lovely ribbon added to the pocket and lot of stitch detail. The left hand side paper and quote are from Cosmo Cricket.
Thanks for coming, hope to see you tomorrow. x

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