Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Feeling a little under pressure.......,!

Seems to me that no sooner have I posted for one week then the next week arrives in seconds, and I am getting nothing done. This I know to be rubbish, but it is how I am feeling at the moment. I knew 2013 was going to be a busy year, but boy!!! I just wish I could get more art work done. What I have learnt over the years is to have faith, not necessarily with any heavenly bodies, but in me, and I have never let me down yet. As you can imagine the studio is taking up a lot of time. And it is for all sorts of little niggly things that you don't really see individually but they count as a whole....., I WILL get there. One thing I have done this week in the new studio is start to move stuff in, particualy into the wonderful set of draws I was given a couple of years ago,

I cleaned years of labels and stickers from the front, which I did save for a collage piece I want to make, polished  just need to make thirty draw labels now!
It's amazing when you see the things you had forgotten about.
Also I have started painting the "French Desk". No idea why we started to call it that, but that is it's name now.

Still not finished building it, but it had to have it's first coat of blue on it's edges.
First coat of white!
Car boot sales have been both fabulous and some what knackering! But what finds...,
This is a 1899, Excelsior Wall Paper sample book, which some well to do child has then used as a scrap book.
Over a hundred pages of clippings from magazines of the day.
....and samples of wall paper.
Plus adverts from that time, what a joy. I paid £25 for this book which I shall ( research ...one day) copy and use in collage and collage kits for my students.
Speaking of collage, did you like the link there? I told you last week that I was taking part in a world wide ephemera swap, well the first one came back,

Yummy, I shall give you a more in depth look some other time.
Art work...,
Added signatures and bound books.

A3 copy paper used for signatures.
Now any one who knows me and who reads my weekly ramblings will know I am a happy person, not inclined to take a fence easily, here comes the however, What has happened to manners? Common courtesy  At the car boot, four, now I am not sexist, but, men cough on me. No attempt was made to cover their mouths or indeed an apology at what they had done. And now I have a cold, what a shock that is. Speaking as someone who has worked with children for decades I KNOW that the youngest of children learn, if encouraged to perform this simple task. And as for sniffing, and spitting in the street, don't get me started! I love you all, but don't forget cough and sneezes spread diseases.
This is on the back of  my toilet door.

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