Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May Day, May Day!

First of all sorry about last week, technical hitch, but all seems to be running fine today. Everything is going very well, if a little crazy. This year is going so quick..., June in five minutes.
New studio is just fabulous, I am so blessed,

Desk is in uses now.
I have also been getting quite a bit of work done,

These are the start of some Christmas prims!

After some paint and a spot of cooking
I wanted to create some more journals.This one is part painted and part stitched.

Made into a journal, with some other stitched books.

With June fast approaching I wanted to remember Emily Wilding Davison. She was the Suffragette who threw herself under the Kings horse at the Epsom races June the 4th 1913, she died four days later.

Image transfer onto fabric.
Add embellishments
A lovely picture of |Emily
At the moment I am doing yet more prims,
Witchy boots!
Spiders..., truly!
Dolls, dolls and more dolls!
 That's it for today folks. xxxxxx

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