Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This year is going too fast!

Hello there, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend spent doing the things you love, with the people you love. I am very privileged to say I did both. Knavesmire Car Boots are back in town and the weather was OK so off to a field of junk we went. I do have a mental note of the things I am looking for. This week it was draws for the french Gothic monolith desk Andrew is building for me, and lots of ephemera for me, as well as for a very BIG ephemera swap I am involved with. Hadn't got two feet into the field when I found two wonderful "chum" books which I bought off the delightful Robin. Not far past them then it was yet another large book, going well it was in this vine that the morning continued  first trip back to the van with treasures,  just get back into the field and I stop! Draws! They had come off a desk at some point in history and then been stacked and joined together. Now we, by that I mean the royal we..., Andrew need to separate them!

Andrew, a tad vexed at first.
Sorry about this picture, but we were both giggling rather too much at this point!
Time for the magic...
Ta dar, two draws!
It start!
As to other finds at the car boot,
I love children's large jigsaw pieces for art.
So delicious!
Trust me , that isn't Loo roll!
Yet more work has taken place in the new studio. Andrew has been very busy making shelves for me, and of course my new desk to start, not to mention a table for the A3 copier. He is such a good boy.

And I was a good girl, and polished up the set of draws I was given,

I always collect ephemera, but this week I was on the look out for more, as I had joined a one off swap via Life book. The idea was that the participants would collect 100 pieces of paper goods for 10 people, therefore 1000 piece and post them off around the world. I love doing things like this. Postage can be a bit scary, but it is worth it if you can do it. Having complied this swap, I think it should have been a little smaller, but great fun never the less. So my packets contained, pages from old books, dictionaries  maps, playing cards, bingo sheets stamps game pieces, toy money tarot cards all sorts of thing. I already make smaller ephemera and collage kits for my student, which I really enjoy doing so it was no problem.  Well they have all been sent off, I will let you know what comes back. It will be like Christmas in the middle of the year..., hopefully!
Packages of paper goodies to go round the world.
Art wise I have done some things, but mainly it has been getting the new studio up to scratch.
Face for book cover.
Add back ground
Another face.
I always like to photocopy  work before starting the back ground.
Faces are stitched to water colour paper and decorated.

Just need to make the signatures for them and stitched them in. Need to get these finished as the seem to have been hanging around along time, and I hate that. I like to get things moving and keep it that way.
See you next week.

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  1. Well done you two ,studio looking very professional now( but also looked gorgeous for party occasion).Hope to see you on Saturday Jo.
    Best regards Judith xx