Friday, 5 December 2014

Five gold rings..........,

and twenty pieces of paper cut to size, now that size for me was 5 and 1/4 inch by 6 and 3/4 inches. But yours need to fit your file folder. Again we are now going to place them one at a time in the correct orientation on the score board and score 1/2 inch at both long sides and the bottom and one inches at the top. Fold the inch flap down and glue in place this is just to strengthen the pocket top.

Miter the top corners, you do not need to miter the bottom corners like in the picture..., I just got ahead of myself!!!!
On the bottom fold, find the middle point.
Then measure half an inch at each side of that mark.
Draw a line from the top of the folded over paper to the half inch marks on both side, like in the picture.
Please be careful with your measuring and cutting, this is important. Keep it neat.

You should end up with a piece like this. A flap at each side on the top and a flap at the bottom in the middle. This is a design by Kathy Orta.
Place double sided sticky tape on the flaps, on the pretty paper side. 

See you tomorrow.

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