Friday, 19 December 2014

NNNNNNN 19th day of Christmas

And I want you to think about your journaling spots.., or, place to write!

There are so many ways of doing this, I have already shown you the wood and string method, but how about, paper, ruler and ink?

Select your paper which will fit your tag....,
With the edge of the ruler tap the ink pad.
Press the rulers edge to the paper.
You can you old ledger paper, pages out of an old journal all sorts of things.

I think we have really completed this advent calendar I will post some picture when I have filled it. I did say I was going to post until the 24th of December and I mean it, but for the last five days I will be showing you the cards I made for ARTefact group members.

Please send pictures of what you have created, and if you are local , come and join a group.

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