Monday, 8 December 2014

On the eighth day...., if a little late!!!!

We need to create a back to strengthen the file folder, and lets make it a pocket too, for those extra big pieces of ephemera we wish to save.

You will need to get a old card board box, I am using a pizza box, and a sheet of 12 x 12 decorative paper.

The size of your pocket, naturally depends on the size of your folder. I have made mine an half an inch in from each side and the bottom, and 2 inches from the top

Cover in decorative paper
Make some pocket tabs by folding two strips of card in half  adding double sided sticky tape and tapering the ends Add these to both sides and the bottom. This way of creating a pocket stops you loosing valuable space inside the completed pocket
Add  these to the back of your pocket.
On the  top center draw around something circular  to create a Doctors pocket top.
Cut this out and black the edges
See you tomorrow. xxx

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