Thursday, 30 July 2015

1st of August The Big Stitch

Hello everyone, just to let you know that on the 1st of August, Yorkshire Day, I will be at Hobby Craft in York stitching. This is to celebrate The Big Stitch Day. Groups of stitchers from all sorts of groups will be scattered around the city, in shop, cafe, museums, stitching in public to promote stitching in all its forms. There is a misconception that you have to be a skilled stitch person before joining the like of The Embroidery Guild. This just isn't true. Yes there are lots of very talented people in the guild, but all you need to join the guild is a desire to learn more. So come along and say Hi and see what we are up to.

OK so I shall sit at Hobby Craft and stitch...., but what to stitch? Dolls!

So I picked a few images that I like, these are old photographs which I have picked up at car-boot sales and then photocopied and enlarged.
Now I am starting to play with the images,. Here I am adding my own college elements.
Now to add colour to the black and white image.

Cutting the picture up and using the bits as pattern pieces for college

Keep adding, colour and college.
After I have added college, and before pen work I will photocopy again so as to remove edges, thus creating smoother pen work.

Adding other elements, such as the oblong face which will be come a pocket, and the small person, a doll for the pocket!

Out of the three of them, this is my least favorite, but I will keep going with her. Time has taught me not to give up and just see what happens.

Cut out and added doll, and elements to a text background. I have done this,as the next step is to print this on to a fabric sheet and I don't want to waste any of it!!!!

Come and see me finish these dolls off at Hobby Craft, Saturday 1st of August, midday onwards..., ish!

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