Thursday, 23 July 2015

Just a little post

Well you saw last time that I had photocopied my art work onto sticker paper, well now onto fabric paper!

The chap to the right is on paper, I reworked him a tad and put him on fabric. I put him on a colourful back ground so when it when though the printer all the fabric was printed on, I will make patches with that

The Ephemera ETC Group having journaling fun.

Made a pen carousel with a lazy Suzy and cutlery pots

Just love this.
This mat is for cake icing...., great for bead making, things don't roll away.
The black mat is heat resistant and non stick, for ovens, great for crafting, and a third of the cost of a craft mat.
Washi tape.
"Bead" mat in action as I make paper beads.
Glazing the beads.
Beads drying.
I am participating in Daisy Yellow 1 card a day art prompt.
Draw quickly and not think too much about it, .....just do it!

Journaling and card making.

See you next time. xxxx

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