Sunday, 12 July 2015

End of an era

It has been so busy here at the ARTefact Studios, but things are set to calm down shortly..., in some ways anyway! This week is the last week of my childminding career after twenty four years! When I first set out in Childminding I never intended to be in this industry for so long, but as a lot of you know I was left with three young children and a mortgage to feed, so I continued as it was very important to me that if my children only had one parent then I would be  a full time one..., and I was. Well I am pleased and proud to report that all three children have grown up into wonderful people, I may be a little biased  on that one, and doing well in whatever paths they had chosen. So now it is my turn....... September will see me start my BA Hons degree in Contemporary 3D Craft. To say I am a little excited about this just doesn't cut it. In honour of this wonderful opportunity I will be starting a new blog, called ScolarARTi, posting about once a month, which will chart the whole process from start to finish. I will post a link on here when it is up and ready. Fear not, Jo Bloggs will carry on too, as will all my craft groups at the ARTefactory.

So what have I been up to these last couple of weeks,
Just a little obsessed with colour at the moment and doodling.

Back to play school and simple pictures and patterns.
No expectations.., just paint....,
......just paint!
Needed to get my Peerless Paint onto palette's so I can took them in my journals when wandering around. Peerless paints are highly pigment water colour paint which was developed in the late 1800's to tint photographs. The come to you on pieces of card and I use them with a water brush.

Here they are, in the little bag they come in. I got mine from Jane Davenport.
This is what they look like..., this is the back of them sometimes with names.
Here I have cut chips from the original card to go onto my pallets.
This is a piece of 300 g.s.m water colour paper section into 60 square to house the chips of paint.
Gluing on the paint chips.
The chips do not look like the colour they will create so a dash of the paint next to the chips helps selection. The chips are numbered so when it runs out I can go back to the original card and cut another chip to add to my palette.

I the middle of the palette I have glued in with washi tape a piece of acetate. This stops the colours rubbing on each other and doubles up as a mixing palette.
See you all soon. x

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