Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Painty painty painty!!!

so you guest it, I am still painting, and really enjoying myself. But like with all things, I do enjoy value for money, although money is not the only limited precious commodity ......, TIME! And I do not like to waste mine. Yesterday I spent most of my art-time painting back grounds, I think I ended up with three double page spreads and three 12 by 12, sheets,to cut up for creating elements. Plus a large piece of fabric, for a journal carrier I wish to make. Then there were all the bits of paper for cleaning brushes etc so quite a bit of stuff really a good productive day. But I wouldn't want to do that every-time I need a background, so I like to squeeze the pips out of those pieces,

Paints, brushes and my favorite applicator...., the card!


Rubber stamping

Fabric in the foreground, for a journal carrier I wish to make.
Before cutting up that wonderful work, I like to photocopy it.
Photocopy it onto labels
Don't they look great?
Words stamped onto book paper.
Cut up photocopy of your work, add words.

Waist left over...., no, these are opportunities for more art, don't waist it!!
punch bits out,
Still got the original.
My very own collage sheets, delicious.
I then photocopy again, keeping original, of course. Now I have these images on a sheet of paper with no edges to catch my pens on, so I can  doodle on them an make new stuff!

I will show further adventure of these sheets next time. See you soon. x

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